Property Advice

We offer professional advice to investors looking to build wealth through the acquisition of quality residential property. Weare educated and certified through the Property Investors Association of Australia (PIAA), and we are committed to PIAA’s guidelines and framework.

Our client consultation process involves an initial meeting whereby we
* Ascertain your goals and
* Address concerns and potential risks.

We then draft an investment plan tailored to your goals with the focus on achieving a favourable financial outcome.

Our advice is solely focused on residential property as the asset class.

Our committment to you:

* Our client relationship experience is grounded, realistic and conservative.
* We are committed to exposing any potential risk.
* The properties we research are on the open market.
* We have access to sophisticated software that can research and analyse thousands of new and established properties within seconds.
* We are 100% focused and committed to our client's needs and requirements.

Below is a summary of the analytic capability we are able to offer our clients:

* Search investment property in seconds that match your strategy.
* Filter through different types of opportunities i.e.
       - high rental yield,
       - cash flow positive,
       - deceased estate,
       - divorced,
       - motivated sellers,
       - mortgagee in possession,
       - below market value,
       - development opportunity,
       - dual income,
       - renovators delight,
* Perform property valuation estimates.
* Research suburb and property data i.e.
       - vacancy rate decreasing,
       - median house price trends
       - days on the market trends
* Analyse the financial viability of any opportunity.

Australia has proven itself time and time again as one of the most financially resilient and wealthiest countries in the world. We are definitely 'the lucky country' with a reasonably sound economic position in comparison to most other countries.

Your future financial well-being is dependent on the strategies you put in place today. It is a known fact that most superannuation funds fall well short of adequately supporting retirement. We believe that adding a well researched and structured property portfolio to the equation offers people a considerable and realistic opportunity for wealth creation.

It is important to consult with a property financial adviser who is accredited to ensure you are getting quality investment advice, someone who isn’t bias to certain products, and who isn’t trying to sell you a house but rather providing you with personalised grounded information to suit your end goals.

Contact us today for an obligation free, complimentary consultation.